IL PROFVMO Pioggia Salata Eau de Parfum 100ml
Il Profvmo

Pioggia Salata

The journey of a salty drop onto the skin

A creation as fresh and pure as the salty rain on the skin, its light tones, flowers that enchant the senses and balsamic plants. Pioggia Salata is a caressing and mischievous perfume, which in merging with the skin captures the pleasure of the wearer and the recipient. Just like that first inspirational raindrop.

The 3 main notes

  • Sea Salt
  • Hibiscus
  • Palm wood

With the purchase of a 50ml bottle you will receive 1 free sample

With the purchase of a 100ml bottle you will recive 3 free sample

Acquista il formato da 100ml e riceverai
in omaggio il cofanetto scoperta con 10 campioncini!
N.B. I campioncini possono variare
in base alla disponibilità.

Buy the 100ml format and you will receive
the discovery box with 10 samples for free!
N.B. The samples may vary
according to availability.

Kaufen Sie das 100-ml-Format und Sie erhalten
die Entdeckungsbox mit 10 Proben kostenlos dazu!
N.B. Proben können je
nach Verfügbarkeit variieren.

¡Compre el formato de 100ml y recibirá gratis
la caja descubrimiento con 10 muestras!
N.B. Las muestras pueden variar
según la disponibilidad.

Achetez le format 100ml et vous recevrez gratuitement
le coffret découverte avec 10 échantillons !
N.B. Les échantillons peuvent varier
en fonction de la disponibilité.

  • 100ml
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