Chocolat, Aria di Mare, Ambre d’Or, Fleur de Bambu and more, all iconic creations that forged the unique and free spirited identity of Il Profvmo over two decades. A look back on 20 years of olfactory brilliance.

A journey that began in 1997...

1997 – Chocolat

In the beginning there was chocolate, a childhood pleasure and a source of comfort. A few years later, the same memory of flavors will give rise to the most emblematic creation of Il Profvmo: Chocolat, the keystone of the brand. An olfactory coming out, a real revelation. Years for research and experiments led to a worldwide recognition of an extraordinary gift, from Paris to Tokyo, passing through New York. A sparkling top note of mandarin, a warm and rich heart of cocoa, a spicy nutmeg finale. The legend of Il Profvmo was born...

Il Profvmo - Le Creazioni - Chocolat
Il Profvmo - Le Creazioni - Aria di Mare

2004 – Aria di Mare

Light, sun-drenched, iodized... this is Aria di Mare, undoubtedly one of the most refined compositions of the creator. Harking back to a memory of a summer, a walk on the beach, a sea breeze leaving a tinge of salt on the sun-scented skin. A burst of sensations, striking for its purity and elegance. The delicacy of a tiare flower, an invigorating sea heart note, the powdery softness of a veil of musk... The olfactory prowess of Il Profvmo reaches its peak.

2004 – Ambre d’Or

An whimsical oriental palace where voluptuous light mixes with a puff of incense to thrill the senses. With Ambre d'Or, Il Profvmo offers the spectacle of the sublimated Orient in all its splendor. In the top note a warm hint of amber with a touch of vanilla. A spicy and smoky myrrh heart note follows with its balsamic accents, to bring out the full depth of the composition. A note of sweet and boisée honey masterfully closes this enigmatic and aphrodisiac fragrance.

Il Profvmo - Le Creazioni - Ambre d'Or
Il Profvmo - Le Creazioni - Fleur de Bambu

2011 – Fleur de Bambù

A fresh and delicate breeze blows through a bamboo forest. The green and woody shoots gently sway,releasing their refined and aquatic aromas. With Fleur de Bambù, Il Profvmo composed an ode to Asian purity. A top note of tea blossoms creates a refined foundation that gently gives way to the elegant and acquatic bamboo, heart. A flowery and almond note of lotus flower rouses out this aerial and delicate fragrance. A tribute to the best raw materials of perfumery.

But the legend Il Profvmo has just begun...