The alchemy of emotions born in the family garden,
including wonderful smells.

A workshop set in a stone village, a laboratory of scents where the air is adrift with precious elixirs, rare bouquets and refined raw materials. In the midst of this aromatic whirlwind reigns Silvana Casoli, a fragrance expert not by choice, but by calling. It is here that, like, an alchemist, she creates her first masterpiece, Chocolat.

She grew up in the generous and sun-drenched Italian countryside where the whiffs of olive trees are mixed with fragrant fruits and sweet-scented flowers. This olfactory theater served as a backdrop to his creations before being enriched during her travels, Morocco, Peru, China, Saint-Tropez ... distant places that form a kaleidoscope of scents.

Sfuggenti, inclassificabili ed eclettiche, le fragranze Il Profvmo hanno sedotto il Papa, Madonna e anche Sting. Vent'anni di creatività impulsiva e generosa, una vita dedicata a risvegliare i sensi.

«The perfumes I create are more than mere fragrances.
I leave a piece of myself in each bottle.
Often intense or descreet, sometimes mischievous and always
exclusive, they all embody a facet of my soul».

Silvana Casoli