IL PROFVMO Fleur de Bambù Eau de Parfum 100ml
Il Profvmo

Fleur de Bambù

An ode to Asian purity

The majestic and elegant bamboo is interpreted with absolute and natural simplicity. A true perfume of nature with green, fresh and aerial notes. A comfortable olfactory vision with a universal dimension. The intoxicating flowers of bamboo used in this fragrance have the particularity of blossoming every 48 years with Mautaam, one of the most majestic blooms in the world.

The 3 main notes

  • Tea Flower
  • Bamboo
  • Lotus

With the purchase of a 50ml bottle you will receive 1 free sample

With the purchase of a 100ml bottle you will recive 3 free sample

Con l'acquisto di un profumo da 100ml in omaggio un telo mare Il Profvmo

With the purchase of a 100ml perfume, a Il Profvmo beach towel is free

Beim Kauf eines 100-ml-Parfüms erhalten Sie ein kostenloses Strandtuch von Il Profvmo

Con la compra de un perfume de 100ml, una toalla de playa Il Profvmo gratis

A l'achat d'un parfum 100ml, une serviette de plage Il Profvmo offerte

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  • 50ml
  • 100ml
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