Il Profvmo


Murano Editions


Stemming from his passion for Venetian Glass Masters, Didier Guillon, President of the Valmont group, has created a special partnership between IL PROFVMO and artists for the creation of rare perfume collections made of Murano Glass. In doing so, he has attributed exclusivity to the brand.

Produced in limited editions, the Murano perfumes will be on sale only in the most prestigious IL PROFVMO stores. Epitome of luxury, the perfume Aria di mare will open the show with the colorful Harlequin Edition. A collection of 30 unique and numbered pieces will satisfy the most devoted IL PROFVMO collectors.

The Commedia dell'Arte


IL PROFVMO draws inspiration from the Italian artistic tradition. Through IL PROFVMO’s artistic creations, the Commedia dell’Arte, that mixes fantasy, beauty and history, is reborn. Masks and decors are combined to create unique emotions.

The Commedia dell’Arte provides a theatrical setting to welcome the quality and richness of these fragrances that combine both elegance and contemporaneity. Both actor and spectator, IL PROFVMO invites you to follow the magic of artistic perfumery.