Il Profvmo

« I draw my inspiration from nature itself. I will find it in a bush, in a flower that blossoms or even in the persistent musk at the foot of an oak, protecting a wild cyclamen.

The wind calls me from distant places, deserts. I love wind! Within nature, wind is the element that, carrying all the smells, is present whenever inspiration becomes creation.»

Silvana Casoli

From a young age, it was clear to Silvana Casoli, creator of IL PROFVMO, that her destiny would be bound to odors. Born in Reggio Emillia (not far from Bologna, Italy), Silvana quickly developed an interest for nature and its many scents.

During her walks among trees, flowers and bushes, Silvana soon discovered she had the gift to distinguish odors. She immediately became fascinated by the extraordinary emotions that nature and perfumes could provide and set her path to become a perfumer’s nose.

When the time came to choose  what she would study, she instinctively opted for Natural Sciences at the University of Urbino. Whilst there, she grew increasingly fascinated by the smells  surrounding her.  As such, she decided to refine her knowledge by plunging into the secrets of cosmetology, botany and aromatherapy.

After graduation, Silvana started working for major perfume brands, during which she continued to improve her skills  in the art of perfumery. However having big dreams, she decided to create her own brand , IL PROFVUMO, giving herself a new challenge: to develop innovative perfumes  to respond to “socio-olfactory needs”. In doing so, she  also hopes  she pays tribute to her beloved nature.

Silvia Casoli